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Stager Street: Complete Reno   
Stager Street renovation was a huge accomplishment for Critly Contracting. This home meant a lot to my wife and I, as it was our first home together. We decided to let Critly take over and create this newly built home for a deserving couple. We loved creating this open floor concept and we are so happy with the turn out! Shoutout to Katie Miedler and the whole Ambiance Decorators team for staging this home and putting it on the market! 
Rebel Hair Studio  
This project was a fun one because my beautiful wife decided to make her dreams a reality. She bought a hair studio and, of course, Critly came in to revamp it!  We loved creating the space she envisioned with all fresh paint, moldings, custom shelving, and more    
Claremont Construction 
This Claremont home sat so pretty on its own, but of course needed some sprucing up before these homeowners felt that it was their dream home. We at Critly love a project like this because restoring an older home gives us a chance to enhance the original beauty of it. Check it out!     
The Pollitt Project
The Pollitts wanted a home where they can grow their family and enjoy life within a beautiful space. They wanted to keep their home light and fresh and we were so excited to give them their absolute dream home!
Sweetwood Project
The Melillis' wanted to renovate their entire first floor of their first home together. The Critly team renovated the kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room. This open floor concept was extremely important to the couple who plan on hosting and entertaining in the future.   
Brophy Project
The Brophy's were looking to fully gut and build a brand new kitchen. We fully restored/repaired their entire first floor to create a completely different layout of their home. This allowed for better flow throughout their first floor for entertaining large family parties and events.
2C Condo Restoration

Cat and Christian were looking to put their condo up for sale and wanted to change a few things before it hit the market. We added new design and style into this early 20th century condo with new hardwood flooring, appliances, marble backsplash, quartz countertops, fixtures, lighting, and carpentry.

Eileen Bedroom Restoration

Eileen's bedroom had major cracks in the original plaster walls dating back to the early 20th century. We coated a level 5 spackle finish on all the walls and ceiling to give us a brand new plaster look, refinished the original hardwood floors, and added oil rubbed bronze accenting to really make things pop. We kept her current moldings in place but added more detailed moldings to give us a high end classical feel.

Rockaway House Restoration


Galen wanted to remove her pantry and back entrance to add a 12x15 addition off of the back of the house creating enough space for a mudroom, laundry, and bathroom. We are fully restoring every room in the house for Sale of property. This project is currently underway so photos will be added as we move forward.

Randall House Restoration

The Randall family purchased a beautiful 7 Bedroom, 2.75 Bath in Montclair for their growing family to settle into. With the home being from the 1900's it needed a little love to finish it off 100%.

Navarro Basement Renovation

When the Navarro family had a pipe burst in their 1st floor bathroom, it completely destroyed their finished basement. We're bringing it back to life and beyond, adding the features they've always wanted.


Shown here are the entertainment features that make this basement the most popular area of the home.


Every feature is impressive, showing the highest standard of quality and integrity in every detail.



Bradacs House Restoration

The Bradacs family recently purchased their new home in amazing condition it just needed a little more design. Simply white paint with brass accenting gave this formal living room a complete transformation. With herringbone marble tile around the fireplace it gives a fantastic elegance to this mantle.

That Little Black Dress Restoration

Jenna and I have been friends for our entire lives. When Jenna called me to renovate their new location I was just as excited as she was to create a beautiful new store front for her beautiful boutique to display in. That LBD is located on 20 Church Street in Montclair. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

Melson Basement Renovation

The Melson family needed more living space, so they chose to renovate their unfinished basement. Now the family has a whole new floor to occupy. What was once just storage space is now another living room, dining room and laundry room.

Navarro Bathroom Repair

In June of 2013, the Navarros built a beautiful new bathroom and not 6 months later a pipe burst in there ceiling above the bathroom while the homeowners were both at work. They arrived home to the sound of a waterfall completely flooding their newly renovated bathroom and their basement. This is what we did to add some minor details and create them their own piece of art.

Navarro Basement Bathroom Repair

In June of 2013 the Navarro family had a pipe burst in their 1st floor bathroom completely destroying their entire basement and bathroom in the basement. These are the repairs we made to build them their perfect basement bathroom.

Caruso Master Bedroom Renovation

The Caruso family's master bedroom ceiling was caving in after a terrible roof leak in the ceiling. After the roof repairs were made we completely gutted their Master Suite and refinished it to their style and design adding insulation, high hat lighting, new walls, moldings and doors.

Targonski House Restoration

The Targonski Family recently purchased a beautiful home and wanted to renovate the interior to put some real finishing touches on things before they moved all their furniture into the new house. So this is what we did to bring all the little details together.

Picerno House Restoration

The Picerno family just purchased their 1st home in amazing condition it just needed a little love. Fresh colors to help bring some personality into these rooms.

Baby Enzo's Bedroom

The Rose Family were expecting their first addition to their family and wanted to make sure their new born child's bedroom was safe and clean. Upon opening up the old plaster walls there was an entire corner of their house leaking water creating white mold and rot inside of the walls. We were able to completely gut the space and make the repairs necessary to keep baby Enzo safe. See Rose Exterior Repair for the exterior portion of this project.

Rose Exterior Repair

The Rose family completely gutted one of their bedrooms to find rot and mold inside of their walls. So we removed any rot and mold from inside and outside of the walls. We then patched up the exterior and interior like it never happened.

Dones Master Bedroom

Dave needed to add a little charter back into his master bedroom and with just a little paint, moldings, and flooring we were able to bring some life back into this bedroom.

Galen Studio Home Office

Galen needed an inspirational office to be able to work in a clean, pretty environment while still keeping with the architecture of the home. With old plaster walls cracking we were able to restore this back to its original beauty by refinishing the woodworking, floors, walls, radiator and added crown molding for that final touch of elegance.

Kraynanski Baby Bedroom

With the Kraynanski's baby on the way they wanted to completely gut this bedroom so we could build a clean new bedroom for their newborn child. After complete demolition of the room we were able to sheetrock, spackle, and install new doors and carpentry.

Lepore Master Bedroom

Pete wanted to create a more edgy design and personality for his Master bedroom. With some paint and new flooring we were able to restore some charter back into the bedroom.

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